Christmas cards - available NOW!!.

Additional cards available for 2020 - follow the "CSF Shop" link in the banner at the top of the page.

Once again, our prices this year have not changed.

One card €1; Pack of 6 cards €5; 4 packs of 6 cards €15; 6 packs of 6 cards €20

The cards will be available at all of our support groups or contact your Dept representative for further details. 


Santa in sleigh

Design by Russi Dordi


 The designs below are also available and can be put together in mixed packs at the same prices as above.


 Christmas candle

Design by Lynn Hall



Christmas Catalan dog

Christmas penguins

 Illustration by Lynn Hall Illustration by Margaret Dibdin


Our Notelets for all year round use!

CSG NotebookCSG NotebookWe now have umbrellas to add to our notelets!

Our notelets are specially designed by one of our members, Maggie Longworth.  They represent "felicia amelloides" or the blue daisy, native to South Africa and also found around the Mediterranean.  This flower is our "living logo".

Notelets are priced at €1 each, €3 for 4 cards or €8for 12.  Contact your Department representative for more details.

We also have umbrellas .....................................

CSF UmbrellaNo need to take any chances with the weather, these large umbrellas with a wooden handle can be both parapluie and parasol!!!

We are selling them at €12.50 each or two for €20.

NOTE: the umbrella is blue and white only, there is no yellow "dot" in the centre of the daisy!

(PS. having used them during two days of continual rain I can confirm that the umbrella is large and waterproof!!)