Volunteers Make Patient Gowns for Hospital

CSF Sud de France, Aude & Ariège - Life in Lockdown

Earlier this year CSF Sud de France signed a convention with the private hospital, Clinique Montréal, in Carcassonne. Since then, a CSF member, Carolyn, who liaises with La Ligue in Carcassonne, has been asked by the hospital to support English speaking patients, as well as arrange some translations.

About two weeks ago Carolyn came to me to say that La Ligue and CSF had been asked by Clinique Montréal if they could make gowns (blouses) for them, as they had given a lot of their stock to the main hospital in Carcassonne. We were given a pattern for the gowns by La Ligue, and the rest was up to us.

I sent an email to all Aude and Ariège members asking for material and seamstresses. Twelve members from the Aude and four from the Ariège answered. These members are spread across the two departments. We have seven people who can sew, and eight people with material who volunteered to help. Now the logistics of matching those people together, during a lock down, began.

Although we were trying for as little movement as possible, we had to try and do this as safely as possible. Carolyn, our CSF contact with La Ligue, contacted Clinique Montréal for an email from them, stating what we were doing, and a copy of that, with the attestation marked at point 4 (vulnerable people), seemed to satisfy the Gendarmerie.

I began my search for the nearest seamstress to the nearest person who had the material, and the work began.

Another CSF member, Julie-Ann, after making a gown from the La Ligue pattern, found it was very small, so a new pattern was drawn and sent out.


The next problem was how to get them to Clinique Montréal. Even though members were happy to deliver during lockdown.


Two members successfully completed deliveries (although they did have to wait a long time at the Clinique), as, I am sure you can all appreciate, the Clinique is very busy, and under lockdown itself. So a contact person from CSF, who will determine where and when collection/delivery day will be, was allocated. One person only will deliver, with advance notice, to the Clinique.

So far, CSF Sud de France has made and delivered thirty gowns in two weeks, with about the same number in the process of being made. (An additional 80, now delivered!)


Huge Thanks to everyone who has volunteered for anything during this emergency project - it would not have been possible without you.

Pam Mercer

Aude and Ariege Representative