News of Events in Aude (East)

Dear All,

We have had our first Book Café sans les livres!

Our next event is the Tacos in the Twilight at the lac at Homps.
Saturday 19th September 6.30 for 7.00. Bring your own tables and chairs
and couverts and any beverages you may wish to imbibe! There will be a
protocol to follow to enable us to stay safe. When you pay (on the
night, €20) you will be given a ticket and be called up for your Mexican
magic in strict order. We will have to space out but there is plenty of
room. Sitting in your groups of up to 10 is  entirely up to you. I will
want to take a note of name and telephone number in case we need to
contact you after the event.

I really hope this event will be a success both for CSF and to support

Our Christmas Quiz is cancelled this year because of all the uncertainty
regarding Covid but we are hoping things will be clearer as regards the
Spring Fayre.

We are arranging a walk in conjunction with the Walk for Life campaign.
It is to be held on the 30th September in Lezignan. It is a 10.00am
start outside 9 rue Coluche, Villa 1 in Lezignan. The walk is 6km at La
Pinède, and easily manageable. Please wear suitable clothing and bring
water. If you want to join us for a shared lunch afterwards at Deirdre's
house/garden please let me know and tell me what you can bring to eat.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Hope to see you at as
many of the events as possible!

Stay safe;

Lesley xxx