CSF at Monetiés Fayre

“Once again, Monestiés village crackled with Christmas Cheer for it’s annual Christmas Fete, held on Sunday 9th December.

The whole of this 15th century village was decked  with boughs of holly and tinsel, the rain doing nothing to dampen the festive spirit which prevailed throughout the day.

Three indoor venues provided plenty of shelter from the inclement weather..... The beautifully restored, 500 year old Moulin offered a variety of artisanal Christmas food,  art and decorations........ the light airy Salle de Fete  held a collectors' market of coins, post cards, books,  Dinky toys... and much more......whilst in the Salon de Mairie, we had a lovely Patchwork Sale and Expo, plus a sale of handmade goods from a village in Madagascar, which Monestiés supports throughout the year, and also has a penfriend scheme between the small school here in Monestiés and the village school in Madagascar.

A delicious choice of Christmas food was on offer by the P.T.A. association in the village

The CSF stall did brisk trade in Christmas Cards and other CSF merchandise......... and we even had a visit from Father Christmas !!!!!”

Denise  Copley /Peter Waldekker.... Tarn Rep

CSF at Monesties